Saturday, August 25, 2018

Exploring Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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Yellowstone National Park - Via the West Gate

Apparently, I have National Park fatigue.  We hadn't intended to go to Yellowstone this time around.  We were badly in need of down time and rest, and booked a gorgeous riverside campsite with no electricity, water, wifi or cell signal.  Perfect for two days of just relaxing.  Then Chuck decided we should "go for a drive" and see a little of the area.  He just kept driving until we got to Yellowstone (50 miles away)...and then since we were there, we should go in.

So my 2-hour afternoon drive followed by the rest of the day staring at the river turned into a 7 hour trip with a visit to Yellowstone, arriving home at 8 pm.  I may have been a little "testy" on this trip.  Since we had Jake in the back seat and dogs aren't allowed on the trails at Yellowstone, Chuck drove and I got out of the car, walked, and took pictures.  Now when someone asks, I can say I've been.

Going for a ride

Forest fires of 191 on the way toward Yellowstone.  They weren't much that day, but got bigger a couple of days later.

Watching the people watch the elk

There was lots of pretty scenery

Hot spring at Fountain Flat Drive

Firehole Falls

We saw a little wildlife

Bison wandering next to the highway

Elk in the river

I wonder if elk are related to kangaroo


I took a walk along the Lower Geyser Basin

And then I sat for an hour waiting for Old Faithful to erupt

Old Faithful draws a crowd

It was "late" erupting.  I was wondering if I was going to witness history when Old Faithful wasn't anymore.

After listening to a woman go on and on and on about her life for an hour, the show finally started

Thar she blows!

Jake says  where's my dinner and why was I stuck in the car all day?


  1. Looks like a great place to have visited, it's on our someday list... btw did you happen to get my email?

  2. Josh, I don't believe I did get your email. Please try again. And about Yellowstone, it's a don't miss place. Go if you can.

  3. I had just wanted to share my dad and I's trip through Oregon, Washington, and Canada by motorcycle we did a few years ago. Started in Northern California, but y'all are already out of the area... If you are interested it is at

    1. Josh, I will give it a read this morning while having coffee. Thanks.


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