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Eureka California - Trinidad California - Gold Beach Oregon - Lots of Photos!

Eureka, California - Trinidad, California - Gold Beach, Oregon

Redwoods National Park the "Big Tree"

As Martha and I progress up the left coast towards Orcas Island we've found that all of the things you always see, read and hear about Highway 101 are true. It is curvy, steep and stunningly beautiful and of course it's also construction season along the coast highway. But so far our 40' diesel pusher aka: 'The Beast" has chugged up and down the 7% grades admirably. We stayed at Shoreline RV Park in Eureka and Ireland's RV Park in Gold Beach (reviews below).

Eureka, California is a small and very eclectic city. It is also the home of a large population of homeless persons. That said, it is still a good place to visit. We stayed at Shoreline RV Park which is located near the northern edge of town right on Highway 101. While in Eureka we took excursions to Redwoods National Park, Moonstone Beach and Samoa Beach.

Redwoods National Park is a wild coastal area where the temperatures in the redwood forest range from 40 to 60 degrees F all year. Winters are occasionally frosty and snow is not uncommon. In warmer months, fog is naturally drawn inland from over the Pacific and drips through the dense canopy making the forest a green lush place.

You will find reviews for our campground stays at the bottom of this blog. Also, you can see reviews of all of the places we've stayed in the right hand column under "Campgrounds;"

Redwoods National Forest

On the way home to Shoreline RV Park we noticed some Elk and their young in an open field

Our next excursion took us to Moonstone Beach. It is a beautiful place

Trinidad Beach, California

As we've progressed up the coast the temperatures have gotten lower. We are now at Ireland's RV Park in Gold Beach, Oregon. We are truly seeing the effect that the Pacific has on the coastline as we move north. Our top temperatures here have been in the mid 60's with lots of early and late fog. The shoreline is no less spectacular but it's certainly grayer than we are used to after two months of sunshine in the desert.

The fog can be quite heavy and when it rolls in cold winds and blustery mist come with it. The Pacific can get quite angry at times.

Then just like that. You get days like this.

Our RV is the second one back in the middle row

WIFI - Yes
AT&T - Yes, 4 bars
VERIZON - Yes, 4 Bars
COST - $42-46 for 30 Amp sites, $47-55 for 50 Amp sites Nightly; discounts available for RV club members, Vets, Seniors, AAA, AARP, etc.  
SERVICES - FHU's, cable, laundry, clean bathroom and showers. Dumpster on site

REVIEW - Long Pull through sites that can accommodate a 40' coach with a toad attached. Well maintained, owner is proactive and cares what happens in the park. The staff is friendly. Sites are somewhat close to one another but otherwise a great private campground. Very clean place. 

Our Site was #42

WIFI - Yes, but weak
AT&T - Yes, 4 bars
VERIZON - Yes, 5 bars
COSTS - $40 Nightly
SERVICES - FHU's, Trash dumpster, Laundry, Showers, Bathrooms, Cable but very fuzzy.

REVIEW - Kind of hard to spot from the highway with a smallish "Rv Park" sign on the west side of the highway. We were somewhat apprehensive given the reviews but this park is OK. It needs better maintenance as the cable needs servicing, the water spigots drip a bit and the sewer hook up will require you to have at least 20' of sewer hose.  The lawn maintenance could be better but all in all it  works and is literally 200' from the beach which negates all of the other stuff in our opinion.  The owners have made good strides to bringing this park up to standards. 

Our site was #22



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