Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Martha's favorite pictures from the first 10 months of RV life

Lakes, Rivers, Creeks, and Oceans 

One of my goals was to get to a LOT of beaches.  We managed to get to ocean beaches in Rhode Island, North Carolina and Texas.  We also found lakes, rivers, and streams with beautiful views.

Rhode Island


Union Grove campground, Texas


Waterfall near Stillhouse Hollow Lake, Texas

Whale watching at Cape Cod

Providence, Rhode Island
Newport Harbor, Rhode Island

Virginia lake
Newport Harbor, Rhode Island
Jamestown, Rhode Island
Rhode Island
Rhode Island
Door County Wisconsin beach

Trout stream in Missouri
Providence, Rhode Island
Pond at the KOA in Wisconsin
Illinois river

Wisconsin lake
Rhode Island beach
Outer Banks
Crashing waves at Cape Hattaras, I think
Outer Banks
Cape Cod


In the various campgrounds and tours, we got to see lots of wildlife and some cool looking domesticated animals, as well.

Birds on Port Aransas Beach

Deer on Assateague Island
Horses on Ocracoke Island
Deer in Kentucky
Swan and chicks at Swan Lake, Iowa
Grackle hitching a ride on the Port Aransas ferry
Quarter horse at the King Ranch, Texas
Rhode Island Cows
Wild horse on Assateague Island
Wisconsin mosquito
Texas Longhorn

Wisconsin turtle

GATOR at Aransas Wildlife Refuge

When some lady with a camera interrupts your nap

Heron at Aransas Wildlife Refuge

Mexican Buzzard at King Ranch, Texas


No two sunsets alike, no two clouds alike, and the number of shades of blue and gray are amazing.

Outer Banks

Nothing like getting in on someone else's photo session 
Fort Monroe, Virginia

Fayetteville moon
Outer banks moon
Sunset cruise in Port Aransas

Toes in the water

I don't do a lot of swimming at the beach, but I always want to get my toes in the water.

Ass in the sand

Loved those days when I could take off my shoes and relax on the beach.

Gratuitous selfies

Time to start the adventure

Infinity room at House on the Rock
Port Aransas beach
Wine tasting in Wisconsin

Cape Cod
Iowa State Fair
At The Big Tree in  Lamar, Texas
At the Wright Brothers Memorial in North Carolina

Outer Banks
Steamtown Museum

Friends and family

One of the best things that comes from being retired and able to travel is seeing friends and family along the way!  And having fun visiting with friends and family back in Fayetteville when we return.

On the river in Grafton with Ken and Ann

Drinks and philosophical discussions at Chez Wenzler 
Wine tasting in Iowa with Linda and Claire
Wine tasting in Herrmann with Ken and Ann

Snapchats from the granddog
Visiting with Arkansas friends that have moved to Florida while we both were in Rhode Island (this stuff happens!)
Celebrating nephew David's birthday in Dallas
Women with cool glasses
Niece Alex and Evan
Coach Alex
Taking son Brad to dinner
We got to attend Richard and Christina's wedding
We got to hug our framily, Glynn and Tanya
We got to see my brother and his wife all dressed up
We got to watch these fools do the Polar Plunge at South Padre Island in freezing windchills
Can you find my brother and his daughters?
Jake calling the meeting to order

Our Virginia host, Tim (he has a PhD, really)
Jake found a rug that matches him at the Wenzler house!

Chuck humoring me

Chuck is helping me learn to be silly again!

On top of the lighthouse in Wisconsin
Near Jamestown Rhode Island

Iowa State Fair
Providence, Rhode Island
My "kid" at the circus museum

Wisconsin festivities

Outer banks ice cream shop

In search of the best Wisconsin Fish Fry.
She never lets me eat until she's taken a picture of the food!
At the Coastal Bend Museum

Door County Wisconsin

Rubbing the Buddha Belly for luck at the House on the Rock

On the "Cowch" at the Cheese Chalet

This and That

Why buy the stuff when you can just take a picture of the sentiment?
Signs of spring

Yuccas in bloom at Aransas Wildlife Refuge
It must have been good.  We took a picture of the wine bottle after the wine was gone.

Sometimes you just choose the wine for the label
Wine tasting

Drink at the distillery in Wisconsin

Butter cow at the Iowa State Fair

Weinermobile in Missouri
In front of an IGA in Wisconsin

Every little place we went in Wisconsin had a bar...or three
And all the bars sold PBR
We entered retirement well prepared

Iowa State Fair 

Paella in Newport, Rhode Island
Wendy Kring fed me Paranoia wine

Mead tasting in Rhode Island

Here's your sign!
And a very different kind of sign

Because I can...and nobody was watching :)


  1. Great collection! You're off to a pretty good start. Livin' the life!

    1. Thank you! We have barely scratched the surface, but we're looking forward to many more years.

  2. What's the thing you are jumping on because you can and nobody is watching?

    1. Hey Susan. They call them bouncing pillows (or something like that)'s like a giant air-filled trampoline. It was really fun, but it took some courage to try it.


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