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Our year end totals* (for camping nights, fuel, repairs, maintenance and improvements) - Total Mileage - Campgrounds - Campground Nights -Boondocks

Our Costs For The First Six Months On The Road

As many of you already know, we left Fayetteville, Arkansas and our former sticks and brick home on June 1st of 2017. We have now completed our first six months (182 days) on the road. I thought I would break down our actual camping, fuel and maintenance budget for those six months.

In the repairs, maintenance and improvements cost we had some rather severe electrical problems and subsequent equipment replacement costs as well as a bad engine fan bearings that ran the costs up.  Knock wood, we are past the major problems now. The figures below are aggregate costs without food and entertainment entered to show the actual costs of camping, fuel and maintenance while full timing. Our mileage ended up being just over 12,000 miles...phew!

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Camping  Nightly Costs -                         $3,200.46
Fuel (Diesel) -                                             $2527.66
Repairs, Maintenance, Improvements$1836.77

Total Costs Full Timing for Our First Six Months  -   $7,565.27

Campground Nights and Places We've Been

Rocky Branch COE, Beaver Lake, Rogers Arkansas - 5 nights
Driveway surfing at a friends in Fayetteville 2 nights
Downstream Casino, Pocola, Ok. - 2 nights
Bennett Springs, Mo. - 5 nights
Lost Valley Lake, Mo. - 5 nights
Thousand Hills State Park, Mo. - 3 nights
Swan Lake State Park, Iowa - 6 nights
Hancock/Stevens Point, Wisconsin - 30 nights
Beantown Campground, Baileys Harbor, WI. - 5 nights
Fishermans Corner COE, Near Davenport, Iowa - 7 nights
Pierre Marquette State Park, Grafton, IL. - 3 nights
Lake Ft. Smith, Arkansas - 7 nights
Downstream Casino, Pocola, Ok. - 1 night
Lakeside Casino, Osceola, IA - 1 night
Adventureland Campground, Altoona, IA. - 2 nights
Carter Caves State Park, Kentucky - 5 nights
Blacksburg, VA to visit a dear friend - 6 nights
Francis Slocum State Park, Scranton, PA. 5 nights
Whispering PInes Campground, Hope Valley, RI. 38 nights
Assateague National Seashore Campground, Maryland - 5 nights
Northwest River Park and Campground, Chesapeake, Virginia- 5 nights
Cape Hatteras National Seashore - Cape Point Campground, NC - 7 nights
Cape Hatteras National Seashore - Oregon Inlet Campground, NC - 5 nights
Falls Lake State Park , Rolling Hills Campground Raleigh, NC. - 3 nights
Anderson Hartwell Lake KOA Campground Anderson, SC - 1 night
Natchez Trace, Jeff Busby Free Campground, SC - 1 night
Ameristar Casino Campground, Vicksburg, MS. - 3 nights
Tyler State Park, Tyler Texas - 3 nights
My brother in laws driveway - 14 nights

Total nights in Campgrounds 

153 - nights in Campgrounds, 10 nights in Walmart Lots, 16 nights driveway surfing with friends and family.

179 Total camping nights

Kinds of Parks We Camped In

2 - Corps of Engineers Parks
8 - State Parks
5 - Private or Franchised Parks
4 - Casino Campgrounds
3 - National Park Campgrounds

Boondocking Nights
28 - total boondocking nights

When looking back on our total expenditures it is obvious to us that the C.O.E. and National Park costs are the cheapest camping options. Also, we happened to be reading a Texas State Park brochure and discovered that since I am a disabled vet I was eligible for their Parks Pass which waives entry fees, which can be $5-7 dollars a day per person. I will be on the lookout for that same deal in other states.


  1. Cali and Oregon do the disabled vets pass also.

  2. Do you have a "average" price per night you spent in the campgrounds? Full or partial hookups? What's your "cushion" for each month?

    1. Our average costs were $21.00 nightly but the with my access pass the C.O.E. and National Parks were between $10 and $15 nightly and private parks were usually around $50 a night but if we stayed a month or more the prices dropped to around $18 to $22 nightly, thanks for asking.

  3. What year, make and model is your coach?

    1. The coach is a 2005 Newmar Northern Star purchased in November of 2016. Thanks for asking.

  4. Replies
    1. Our food bill tends to be high because we eat organic. I didn't want to skew the actual operating and camping costs. Thanks for asking.

  5. That works out to a "rent" of about $1,250 a month. Comparable to a nice condo... only without property taxes, and it is mobile!

    1. Yes, we were paying about that for the rental of a three bedroom two bath home. The best part is that if we don't like our neighbors or the view, we simply move. Thanks for your comments.

  6. I just found your site by following your Tuscon post in the Free or Low cost activities rv FB forum. I love your site. Very thorough reviews, lots of pics. My husband is planning on retiring in Oct 2019 and we will be on the road. However we wont be selling or paid for and home built by our own hands Raised 5 kids here. But will be on the rode for around 6 mo a yr.


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