Sunday, November 26, 2017

Family Time

Our "campsite"

We're taking a break from the RV parks and "camping" in the driveway at my brother's house for a couple of weeks.  My brother has kindly put in a 50 Amp service for us and has a sewer clean-out next to his driveway, so we are definitely driveway camping in style!  We're paying "rent" by cooking for them.  Chuck has made his "famous" ribs, chicken wings, chili, pork roast, and Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes.  They only gave his gravy a "2", though.  I've thrown in a couple of desserts and my "famous" rosemary garlic potatoes.  With all the family visiting for the holidays (including our son, who surprised us and drove down from Arkansas), we had up to 15 people, three indoor dogs, two outdoor dogs, and a very unhappy cat around.  It was fun, but a lot like barely controlled chaos at times.

Besides giving us time to visit with family over the holidays, it has given Chuck some time to wash and wax the Beast after six months of traveling and a few weeks at the beach.  I'm trying to catch up on some of my "to do" list, which never seems to get done.  Writing this blog was at the top of my list!

Besides visiting, we got in our dose of board games and card games, and I was able to do a little hiking with my brother.
Hiking selfie in the wind

He also introduced us to Disc Golf.  It's a pretty nice game for RVers.  The only equipment you need to carry is a few discs (frisbees) of various sizes and shapes for long distance, mid-distance and short distance (putting).  Since neither of us can throw very far, we'd probably be fine with two each.  There are disc golf courses in public parks and we've seen several along our trip already.  So we are considering investing $20 at Wal Mart and maybe making a disc golf outing part of our travels.  (Of course, I need to recover from my disc golf injury first...did you know you can pull a muscle throwing a frisbee?  Getting older is an adventure, for sure).
Chuck at the "tee box"

At the end of the week, we head "home" to see friends and doctors.  Then, off to Aransas Pass for a couple of months.  I've just started to look at things to do in that area, so if anyone has been there, let us know!  They got hit by Hurricane Harvey in August, but word is that things are starting to recover.  We'll be close to Corpus Christi, which didn't get as much damage, and I'm sure we'll find a few places to go.

Six months in to traveling, and we're still liking it.  I've just paid our Good Sam Club membership for two more years, so I guess I'm planning to keep this up for a little longer.

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