Monday, October 2, 2017

The Beaches of Rhode Island - A Video Compilation

Martha are still in Rhode Island and enjoying every day of it. Today is a down day as Mondays for us usually are. Since I have a "down" day I've taken the time to finish up a video of the beaches we've visited here in R.I.  We've been to Beavertail State Park and Lighthouse, Blue Shutter Beach, Misquamicut Beach, Charlestown Town Beach, Salty Brine Beach and Narragansett City Beach.   Enjoy!  

Oh, and PLEASE take the time to comment on how were are doing!  (mainly because I think the comment link is messed up. Someone please try it. Thanks.


  1. Great videos!!!! The music was subdued, but you don’t need any! Just dig the surf sounds.

    1. Thanks Tim, I appreciate it. Yeah, I thought about not putting the music with the video but I figured if I kept it low it would be acceptable. I appreciate your letting me know that the comment section works.


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