Monday, October 9, 2017

Rhode Island Sightseeing - North Kingstown and Wickford

Chuck and I spent a few days wandering around Rhode Island this week, just seeing what we could see.  We mixed in a little genealogy research/cemetery walks and a little mead tasting (and, of course, food tasting) along the way.

On Friday, we traveled to North Kingstown to do some cemetery research.  First, of course, we had to eat, so I found a nice little cafe in Wickford (a village in North Kingstown) to eat at.  Sadly, the cafe was closed - apparently permanently - so we walked across the street to eat at the Tavern by the Sea.  It was a bit pricier than the cafe's online menu, but it had nice outdoor seating and (for those near the edge of the deck), a nice view of the bay.  Chuck ate their lobster bisque and Reuben sandwich, while I had their gyros.  The food was moderately okay, but nothing to write home about.  Chuck did get some entertainment from watching the birds at the bird feeder next door.

View from my seat
After lunch, we headed to Elm Grove Cemetery, a 60 acre cemetery in North Kingstown that was founded in 1851, but has many older headstones, as many family plots and private cemeteries had their graves moved here as land was sold and developed.  We found the graves I was looking for -- along with a few more people I can add to the family tree.  Found a few more Nichols intermingled with the other families in the tree.  Eventually, I will figure out which Nichols family my ancestors came from.

After the cemetery walk, we went by the North Kingstown Town Beach.  Did you know that Google Maps remembers what you type and will prompt you when you start typing? I only had to type the letter "b" to get prompted with "beach near me."  We didn't have the $10 permit to park there, but I don't think they were enforcing it this late in the season.  The grassy park area was very nice, but the beach was pretty sad.  It's on the bay and the narrow strip of sand had seaweed strewn all over it.  The park was getting used, though, as a number of people were taking a siesta in the park.

We went back to Wickford Village and decided to drive around a bit.  From a sign at the marina, we found that there was a historic walking tour.  Chuck wasn't up to walking, so we drove around instead.  We found that Wickford Village is one of the first villages in Rhode Island, and has a large number of historical buildings.  Most are still in use as private residences. 

The houses were all in pretty good condition.  

I even found the perfect little cottage, where I would love to live, if I ever stop being a vagabond.

It wasn't all beautiful and pristine, though.  We ran across this lovely boat in someone's front yard.

After Wickford, we traveled north to Smith's Castle.  We had missed the last tour for the day, but got some pictures of the outside.  Smith's Castle was built in 1678 by Richard Smith, Jr., the son of an original settler who had run the trading post here.  It is now used as a museum and an event center.

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