Saturday, October 28, 2017

A few random thoughts as November approaches

1.  We have done a fantastic job of following the weather.  Other than a few days over 80 and a few nights under 50, we've managed to stay in that perfect zone with highs in the 70's and lows in the 60's for five months running.

2.  This month we started experimenting with National Parks that don't have any hookups.  That leaves us with our water tank, our generator, and our black and gray water tanks to rely on.  This is our second week, and I've noticed a few things already:
a)  It isn't that hard, as long as Chuck is willing to take the wastewater to the dump station every few days.
b)  I'm learning to skip showers (thanks to that perfect weather so I don't sweat until I need a shower to survive)...and am glad I kept my hair short so it only sticks up a little.  I'm also learning to wear hats to cover up the bad hair....which is kinda funny because I think hats make me look you know how bad my hair must be some days.

c)  It's interesting to push your own limits.  How long can I go without a shower (so far, no more than 48 hours), how little water can I get by with when I do shower (still sucks to leave soap in your hair), how few lights can we put on to save batteries, can I stand a bathroom with a "yellow, let it mellow" rule (sometimes I just have to flush anyway).
d)  I fantasize about an hour long super hot shower, but other than that, it's not that bad.

3.  It's weird to stay at an RV park where most of the sites are seasonal....especially when the residents only come on you are basically in a ghost town of empty RV's all week.  I much prefer the empty parks during the's not nearly as creepy.

4.  We can still spend as much money as we make...and often more....we've been praying to the RV gods to let our electrical system work.  I have learned WAY MORE than I ever wanted to about how inverters, transfer switches, AC, DC, and all things RV power distribution related.  I vote it just WORKS and I can ignore the technicalities and go to the beach.

5.  The beach is awesome.  We have been near a beach or at a beach for the past 2 months.  I am not interested in going inland, yet inland we are heading in a week or so.  Beaches change personality as you go from one to the other, or sometimes the same one is different because of lighting or weather.  I am calmed by the ocean, no matter the weather.  I'm happy to be at the beach in sunshine and warmth or cloudy and cool.  Still pretty skittish if there's tropical weather approaching, though.  That's when it's nice to know that your house is on wheels and you can easily escape.  By the way, it's also nice to say....let's stay here at the beach for another week! :)

6.  I spend most of my life in my pajamas.  I rarely get dressed until I'm ready to go somewhere (which is usually after noon) and I usually am back in my PJ's by 7 or 8 pm.  All the work I do is online, so my clients don't care.

7.  The one thing I miss the most so far is interacting in a meaningful way with other people.  I have mentioned this before, but I take a long time to warm up to people and decide if I like them.  I hear voices and immediately have opinions about a person....(rarely positive)....I am trying to not be judgmental....but...I also know that people take energy, so I want to spend my energy on something worthwhile.  When I was doing massage, it was easy.  Every person I touched, talked to, or was near...was there for a specific reason that resonated with my soul.  I am still trying to figure out how to find those people in my current world.

8.  Patience.  I thought I had it.  I'm still working on it.

9.  The problem we're having is, despite having lots of time in most places, we really want to go back and do more.  We've already said we'd go back to Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Maryland and here at the Outer Banks.  And we haven't even started on the rest of the USA, or Canada and Mexico.  I'm hoping we stay healthy enough to do it least twice!!!

10.  Well, crap...there has to be a 10.  A list of nine things just will not do.  Oh...I've got it!  10.  I'm finding that no matter how retired I am, I still have the same bad habits.  I sleep late, spend too much time on Facebook, and don't prioritize well.  I am, though, finding that if I stay in one place long enough....and if I get a little rain or cold weather thrown in....I get bored enough to address one of my long-term projects and actually enjoy the if I could get myself to do that when the sun is out and I'm at the beach....nah...probably won't happen.


  1. Hmmm. A well-written, humorous and interesting blog--a bit of a rarity in my experience. Not many qualify to go in my reader, but yours does. Looking forward to more. Mike at

  2. Thank you Mike, I will leave to look at your blog shortly.


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