Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Refrigerators - TV Antenna Repair - Coloma Chicken Chew - Photos From Our Adventures

June 21, 2017

Our refrigerator problems appear to be over. Since defrosting it thoroughly the temperatures have returned to normal levels. The freezer is maintaining at -1* and the refrigerator is at 39*. Whew, I thought we would have to spend more money. We dodged a bullet.

I also received the parts I needed to repair our TV antenna after the low telephone line incident. It works great now.

Martha has been looking on line for fun things to do here in the area. So far she has found a festival called the "Coloma Chicken Chew," Dairy State Cheese Company cheese factory tours, local bars like Good Ol' Boys Tavern and Grill  with live music on the weekends and of course there is Bingo...(not doing the latter).

The Chicken Chew thingy sounds like a small town letting it's hair down big time with lots to do. We are planning on attending.

Yesterday we went to a nearby state park, Hartman Creek State Park, near Waupaca, Wisconsin for a little hiking. It was a beautiful place with wind whispering through a stand of large pine trees. The air was aromatic with the scent of pine. It was a very therapeutic place to walk.

Jake and I decided to make a selfie

The farm fields here go on forever

 The park had a restored cabin, it was all original and the inside was in remarkable condition. It was locked the day we stopped at the park

Lake Allen

Whispering Pines - Very peaceful 

The couple that was fishing here said they were catching small perch and bluegill. The water was crystal clear.

Martha had to get here feet wet here

More as our trip to Wisconsin progresses

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