Thursday, April 6, 2017

Waiting For The Coach To Be Repaired - Again

We are still stuck waiting for the coach to be repaired. Same slide won't work, similar symptoms. I hate waiting. I'm not good at it.

In the mean time we are waiting for the arrival of two new dining room chairs. They are scheduled to be delivered today. We've been slowly accumulating new things that will need to go into the coach to redecorate. Martha found some turquoise pillows that will help put some color in the coach, and we bought a two foot wide, eight foot long carpet runner to put down to hide the old ugly carpet until we can purchase flooring.

We've dedicated a place in the corner of our leased stix n brix kitchen to place things we need to put into the coach. I also have a small amount of hardware stuff that needs to go into the basement of the coach.  We are nearing what will be our full time load I hope.

When Martha retires (master massage therapist) on May 22nd she was going to need to sell a massage table, some art and other items or bring them all home so we can include them in a garage sale.  Instead we decided to ask the owner of the spa if she would consider a barter. The owner gets the massage equipment and in turn we get two nice Euro Chairs that recline, rock and swivel that are located at the spa where she works and not used often.  These will go into the coach where the incredibly uncomfortable kitchen slide couch is located. This is yet another project we need to do in the next 55 days but is worth it to get some comfortable seating. My only worry is getting the couch out.

In the mean time I have sold just about everything that needed to go from my garage. What is left is just small stuff that will be easy to sell.

While we wait on the coach to get finished so we can load it, we've been working on sorting, organizing and deciding what papers, photos, certificates ect. will get stored or saved. The rest will be shredded, recycled or thrown away. Our gigantic photo collection is another issue. We've been creating a "save" box of photos and the rest are getting scanned and placed into the cloud for storage and I intend to do a backup on an external hard drive. I estimate that I have scanned somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500 photos now. But we are now on the downhill side of the project.

That's all for now, as soon as I find out what is going on with the slide out problem I will post up and let everyone know.

Keep on, keepin on.

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