Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Water Woes - Part Deux

I posted earlier about our fresh water tank not filling. After many Google searches and posting on iRV2 in the Newmar forum and on the Escapees discussion board I decided to start my up close and personal checks of tanks and hoses.  I started on the curbside tanks which are accessed behind the peg board bay.

Once I took all the parts out and checked things I found there are no problems on this side of the coach. I did however find that the all three tanks (fresh, black and grey) had level sensors loose from the tanks. I temporarily repaired them using "fix anything tape."  I will now need to tackle the roadside wet bay to inspect things.  This is going to be a huge pain in the butt. However, it is required to find the leak, kink or missing parts.

In the mean time we are on Santa Rosa Island at Pensacola beach in the Fort Pickens Camground at the Gulf Shores National Seashore.

In a word "beautiful."


  1. Love those beaches. Was there last August.

    1. Thanks for reading Harry. We love it here, This is our third time here and we are booked until the 19th. From here we move on to Carrabelle, Florida and the Carrabelle Beach RV Resort. It's going to be kinda swanky for us but it'll be our last week in Florida before starting our wending trek back to Arkansas.


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