Monday, November 7, 2016

Ok, I Think This Is It!

This afternoon I finally got the call I was waiting on. We go to Alvardo, Texas on Thursday to get our coach. Finally!

Still lots to do after we get it home. Today I rented a space at a local storage facility and got it cheap too!  Most of the ones we looked at wanted $80 a month. We got this one for $45 a month and it is a very secure facility.

Next up is getting the beast serviced. Since there are few or no maintenance records I think it's prudent get the chassis lubed, oil and all filters changed before going to Florida in December.

Let the fun begin!


  1. Interesting blog. I looked at your coach on internet. Am looking at similar in SC. Same everything except folding tables at desk/dinette. Love the King Bed!! Sent you a PM but didn't realize you just bought coach. We live in Ft Walton Beach. Would like to see your coach in Dec if possible. Have a 07 Born Free Kodiak, now but love NS amenities. John

  2. Thanks John,

    This is the first comment to my blog. It's appreciated. We will be on Santa Rosa Island staying at Ft. Pickens for the first two weeks of December. We don't have the last two weeks figured out yet. However, if you pm me again on iRV2 I will provide my email and phone number. Perhaps we can work it out where you can see the NS.


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