Monday, November 28, 2016

Chasing RV System Problems or "Water War's"

Yep, water woes.  Lets start with the black water system.  I noticed while we were in Fredricksburg, Texas that my black water outlet had sewage backed up against the cap. I got a sewage shower when I took the cap off. In a word, YUCK!

So, yesterday I took the blade valve out and noticed that the seals were fine on one side but the other had been pinched and deformed on installation.  I did my best to work out the deformity and put the valve back into place.  I need a complete new valve or new seals.  So, before leaving on the 4th I will purchase one or the other and install them when we get to warmer climes.

Next up is the fresh water tank.  We want some water in the tank for quick showers and toilet use when we leave for Florida.  The old water was "funky" or as my son said "It tastes like ass."  I'm afraid to ask him how he knows that.....

Today I tried to fill the fresh water tank and thought things were goings "swimmingly" until water started to seep out of the floor above my wet bay.  I knew that wasn't supposed to happen so I shut the water off and scrambled inside to find water under my bathroom vanity.  Again, it's not supposed to do that, right?

In our coach's wet bay there is a valve that you change to use city water or water from the fresh water tank.  I switched it counter clockwise as shown to allow the tank to fill, after a few minutes the water came through the floor.  I turned off the pump and went inside and then the pump wouldn't prime. A V-8 moment came after reading the directions in our RV's manual (do real men read directions?).

So, I went back out the coach and switched the valve back to the clockwise position LIKE THE MANUAL said to do. Voila! Water came from the faucets.

Now the mysterious part. I ran the water to fill the tank for maybe 10 minutes. I go to the information panel and check the levels and the water tank is almost empty. So, where did the water go?

It's dark outside now and it's cold. But off I will go to inspect the basement bays and see if that's where the water went. Wish me luck.


  1. Good Luck! Hopefully its nothing serious and maybe just a sensor thats not indicating right. I did recall something about the tank having an overfill relief to the ground if you get too full.

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