Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Went RV Shopping Today - No Love

We went to three RV Dealers looking for "the one" today. Our hopes were to find a used 2009-2010 Forest River - Georgetown 373 in good condition. We did find one but it was in really bad shape. The faux leather seating on driver, passenger, euro recliner and couch were all in deteriorating condition. This was something we have found in two cases now. Fit and finish in these units is also not good. So, scratch these as a candidate for full timing at least for us.

The first dealer Coachlite RV Sales turned out to be a complete bust for us. We found the Georgetown which we quickly dissed as poorly built. The second RV was a Newmar Canyon Star toy hauler that I wanted to see but couldn't get in. I walked to the office and asked for sales to meet me at the RV I waited 20 minutes and nobody showed up. When leaving I saw a sales person and said out loud "excuse me" and he stopped, turned to look at me and then turned on his heels to talk to a friend in a car and never made an effort beyond looking at me. That's no way to treat a customer. We left.

The second dealer Colaw RV sold RV's on salvage titles, they buy them with repairable damage from insurance losses at auction and rebuild them. I decided that a salvage title might not be best as we will have to finance and I really don't want to jump through those hoops.

The third dealer Consignment RV Sales had several we were interested in but pricing wasn't where we wanted them and the owners weren't likely to come down in pricing.

During the day we once again eventually realized that we still were leaning toward a Gulfstream Sun Voyager 8389 and have decided to divert the search to finding this particular unit (for the moment).

We still have time. We are looking to purchase prior to the last week in November so that we can use our reservations at Ft. Pickens National Park in Pensacola during the first two weeks of Decemeber.  Wish us luck.

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