Sunday, October 16, 2016

Almost ready to pull the trigger

Those of you that are following this blog know that I have been trying to accomplish a few things prior to purchasing our RV. The biggest thing for us is selling our nearly new Kia Optima. I am almost certain it's sold now. We've got earnest money with the potential buyer coming Monday comin on October 17th to verify the condition of the vehicle and hopefully drive away with it.

We are excited to say the least (well, me for sure).

Like the Three Stooges said in "Gents without Cents,"  "Slowly I turned. Step by step, inch by inch."

After quoting the Stooges, I had to search for the scene. Amazingly I found it on Youtube.  You will enjoy this if you like slapstick comedy).

If things fall into place tomorrow, maybe this weekend we will find an RV we can live with. Wish Us luck.

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