Monday, September 5, 2016

Plans To Sell Your Stuff -Part 1 - Radical Downsizing - The Conundrum

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How do I make a plan to downsize when I don't know where to begin?

How on earth do you figure out how to sort, use, sell or give away stuff you've been lugging around for 25 years. We are good at ridding ourselves of "stuff," We've moved multiple times during our time together and as we move we tend to pare down more and more each time. However the task of finally purging our stuff seems overwhelming right now.

We've decided that now is the time to organize and categorize the stuff in our life for stowage and use on the Class A.

I never realized how attached I've become to some of the material things I own. So, starting early is a must for me. Not so much for Martha.

Our grand scheme to go on the road will be started as a sort of "sabbatical." We plan to give ourselves a year on the road and reevaluate whether the lifestyle suits us at the end.  Initially we will be storing our good furniture and other items.  At the end of the year, we will either sell it or lease another home and reuse it. Time will tell.

We've sort of loosely categorized things into groups and are still identifying what goes into each category.

Keep it with us
Some dishes, Flatware, linens, some glassware, spices, pots and pans, certain appliances, clothing, certain electronics
Throw it away
Broken stuff, unwanted memorabilia, unneeded paperwork, half or non-used toiletries
Sell it
out of style or non-fitting clothes, unneeded appliances, left over or mismatching glassware, flatware and dishes
Give it away
out of style or non-fitting clothes, left over or mismatching glassware, flatware and dishes, some furniture
Store it
Furniture, electronics, refrigerator, washer dryer

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