Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Wandering Toes" Join Us For Hints And Tips About How To Transition From A Physical AddressTo Life In An RV !

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This is an invitation to follow us as we transition to no permanent address and take to life on the road in an RV.  Our intention for this blog is to share our process and hopefully provide some information that will help people like us making this transition and we hope to make you laugh at our mistakes and entertain you at our expense with our future experiences.

I suppose a short introduction is in order. I am Charlie and I've been retired for quite some time now. I am 66 years old soon to be 67 (Sept 17th).  My beautiful and talented wife Martha is my soul mate and life partner. Martha (for lack of better terminology) is a "career academic." She has two PhD's and so many extensions behind her name they won't fit onto a business card.

We have dreamed for the last 25 years about seeing the United State and being able to stay for more than a couple of weeks at a time. We've always felt cheated out of getting to truly know a location and what's available to do in the areas we've vacationed in.  We believe there is no real way to get to know these things without an extended stay.

So, it finally seems the right time for us to get serious and purchase our Class A RV and hit the road, follow us as we prepare to get ready for the great adventure ahead of us. There will be helpful hints, comparisons and other helpful information to help you get underway.

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