Saturday, August 6, 2016

The "Process" - How We Arrived At Our Decision - Where We Are In The Process - Are Your Circumstances Like Ours?

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Owning and living in an RV - Are you ready?

So, if you are like us (new to the full timing world but not RVing) or, if you preceded us in the process of getting out of home ownership and going on the road full time, some of what you will read will be new or redundant depending on your personal situation.

We don't expect everyone to understand our need to let go of a physical address but we hope to at least make sense of it for you if you need roots.

How did we come to the decision of transitioning to full time travel without the need of a full time address?

For us it was the process of never having enough time to spend in any one place. We have had many great vacations over the years. but we are migrants by heart and tended to move every 5 years or so through out our marriage.

As time went on we began wanting to move on to other places. We wanted to learn their very unique local cultures. The problem for us was and is, we don't get to stay in on place long enough to really get to know it. We had to go back to work. Being realists we also knew that after a month in one place we would quickly become bored and want to move on.

So, a plan was hatched to someday go on the road permanently so we could keep those experiences coming and to appreciate the very act of traveling, scenery and people.

What factors did we consider to make this idea into reality?

First it makes it easier for us to do this because I am on a fairly comfortable fixed income. This makes it easy to manage our monthly expenses.  Additionally, our youngest son just graduated from college and has essentially flown from the coup and our expendable income has risen as a result.

Other deciding factors were my other adult children and grandchildren. They all live in a large city and are working their way through the corporate and business ownership maze. We don't see any of them often so going on the road is feasible. In fact, we may actually get to visit them more often.

Home ownership is something we bailed out on about five years ago. We owned a lovely home in Holiday Island, Arkansas. I am getting older and there was a three and a half story rear facade on our house that I would periodically have to maintain. Older + thirty five feet in the air + plus old legs = a recipe for a bad accident. So, mutually we decided that we would sell and lease a home instead.

Leasing a home lends it self very well to being nomadic. But since our youngest son was still in college we decided to stay put to provide support (read: $$$) for him while he was still in school and also to give the peace of mind that we would be available for council and support. Now that he is done we intend to not to renew our lease next June 2017.

This also will be the month we are aiming at to start our full time experience.  By then we hope to have purchased a used Class A Motorhome, sold the things we aren't storing and packing up and getting the heck out of town.

Now you know the "who, what, why, when" (we are still working on "where.")  What's next?  Stay tuned to our next blog entry.

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