Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Additional Puzzle Pieces - What Considerations Need To Be Made Prior To Hitting The Road? How Do You The Pieces To Fit Together?

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So, now you've determined what Class RV, what engine we want in the RV and now we a general feel for which RV's will provide us with the amenities we desire. So what else needs to be done?

Possible puzzle pieces that may need to fit into the overall puzzle?

1. Sell my car because we won't need two and hers is smaller and lighter for towing

2. Try to figure out which finance companies offer the best RV interest rates

3. Get pre-approved for an RV loan

3. Gather the down payment

4. Locate and purchase the RV

5. Purchase RV peripherals such as a portable waste tank, sewer hose, water hoses if not included in the purchase

6. If required make necessary repairs or mods to the RV

7. Purchase a car hauler and car hold down straps for Martha's car and my motorcycle 

8. Establish a domicile address and/or a mail forwarding service (UPS ?)

9. Sell or get rid the stuff we won't need in the RV

10. Store the stuff we want to save for at least a year

11. Figure out what paperwork (past taxes, important papers, etc.) go along with us

12. Sort old photos and decide whether they need to be scanned and saved, just saved and stored or just thrown out.

13. Martha needs to figure out if she will continue to work and if so, what will she do.

14. Look at campground memberships, Good Sams for the towing insurance? Are these worth it?

15. Banking? Keep it where it is now? Will there be extra fee's if we keep our existing?

16. What do we do about having refrigerated medications forwarded through a mail forwarding service quickly? IF YOU CAN ANSWER THIS PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.

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